Acschem Services

Research Chemicals is a growing online supplier of research chemicals to pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, healthcare industries, universities, contract research organizations

The company is dedicated to advanced chemical synthesis products, Bio-active small molecules and intermediates to meet the demand of new compounds from milligrams to kilograms

Drug Discovery- Chemistry Services

We offer a range of competitively priced chemistry services tailored to the specific requirements of our clients. These include Medicinal Chemistry, Process Research& Development, Custom Synthesis, and Contract Research (FTE). Medicinal Chemistry offers support to drug discovery efforts within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. This service covers Lead Discovery and Lead Optimization. Our exceptionally strong synthetic team is comprised of over 50 synthetic chemists and analytical scientists (MS and Ph.Ds) of which over 10% have PhDs and postdoctoral experience in international labs. This well-trained team delivers diverse areas of chemistry specialization coupled with extensive experience in the CRO environment delivering many projects and handling FTE collaborations. We undertake multi-step organic synthesis, supplying milligrams to multikilograms of client requested compounds. We have a strong, global reputation for our supply of Libraries, building blocks and advanced intermediates, NCEs based on efficiency, quality and cost-effectiveness. We can deliver target molecule with little or no literature precedent, we will investigate potential methods of preparation, optimization and scale-up, according to client needs.


Our Informatics team can help accelerate client’s drug discovery journey towards the clinic by designing novel compounds that solve outstanding problems at every stage of the discovery process. Our team has decades of experience with different backgrounds in molecular modeling, data mining, cheminformatics and bioinformatics. We innovatively apply a wide range of structure-based and ligand-based techniques, virtual screening, and ADMET prediction tools to assist the project needs.


FDA approved PPE Manufactured and Shipped from USA, We are committed to providing the best protective face mask products and friendliest customer service. We sell 3M 1860/8210 Face Mask, cardinal and Cranberry gloves, through our suppliers network. Acschem PPE serves front-line healthcare workers, hospital IDNs, healthcare distributors, governments, multi-national corporations, international non-profits, and major retail chains We leverage our experience and extensive global sourcing network to provide a wide range of cost-effective PPE solutions to our customers to fight the threat of the Coronavirus